HOUSTON A shirt that appears to glorify drugs and drug dealers drew scorn from angry customers who sounded off in the parking lot of a southwest Houston discount store on Thursday.

I can t believe they re selling something like this, said George Wyatt in the parking lot of DD S Discounts, which is located at Wilcrest Drive and Beechnut Street.

Customers like Wyatt were outraged about a sweatshirt that seemed to serve as a how-to guide for making crack cocaine.

DD s was selling the item for around $8.

I m speechless, added Wyatt. I don t know what to say.

Printed on the shirt were a series of pictures along with the words, stack paper say nothing.

A former drug dealer, who asked not to be identified, explained what the pictures meant.

There s baking soda on it. That s for cooking cocaine. There are spoons on it. It s a crack shirt, he said.

Reggie Gordon, a local activist who tries to keep troubled kids from turning to crime, expressed outrage.

I want to know why they would allow this kind of stuff to be on their shelf, said Gordon.

Late Thursday evening, the item was removed from the store s shelves. A corporate spokesperson said the company was committed to addressing issues quickly as they may arise.

The spokesperson added that DD s didn t make the shirt and said it was only selling it. But some customers clearly thought it was a bad deal.

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