SPRING, Texas The Dekaney High School principal sent a letter to parents Friday, detailing the findings of an investigation into a campus brawl that sent two students to the hospital on May 5.

Principal Delic Loyde said 19 students were suspended and/or placed at Highpoint School North for participating in the brawl. One of those students was arrested for refusing to obey a police officer s orders.

Loyde said the fight started between two teens and spread to others in a 40-minute period when a large number of students were moving through the hallways.

When the brawl started, 60 students were leaving campus to be transported to Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, 95 were on their way out for early dismissal, 600 were leaving the cafeteria after lunch and 2,200 others were going to their sixth-period class.

The primary route for all of those students to get to their destinations was through the hallway where the disturbance occurred, Loyde said.

Administrators, hall monitors, campus police officers and teachers were on duty when the disruption occurred. They immediately moved to intervene, and extra Spring ISD police officers were called for assistance, Loyde wrote in the letter to parents.

Loyde said school officials and police stopped the fights, got the students to their appropriate classrooms and escorted the early dismissal students out of the building.

It was contained in the downstairs hallway and brought under control by campus administrators and Spring ISD police officers, Loyde wrote.

Loyde said the school has since implemented an action plan that includes adjusting schedules to keep so many students from being in the halls at the same time, distributing information to parents, establishing an anonymous online system for students to express concerns to administrators, and reiterating the school s zero-tolerance policy for misbehavior to students, among other measures.

We are pleased to inform you that there have been no further disruptions at Dekaney High School since May 5. I want to assure you that student safety continues to be of the highest priority at Dekaney High School, and we will do whatever it takes to provide a safe, orderly learning environment for your child, Loyde wrote.

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