HOUSTON If you have to be out on the roads Wednesday, be cautious there could be patches of ice on area bridges and overpasses, thanks to a strong Arctic front that s blowing through the area.

By late Wednesday morning, there were already reports of ice on bridges and overpasses in areas west of the San Bernard River, including Columbus, La Grange and Wiemar.

Randy Johnson, incident management administrator for the Harris County Toll Road Authority, said crewsplanned toputchat rockon the Sam Houston Tollwaynear the Southwest Freeway interchange late this afternoon.

Johnson said they weren t putting anything on the high interchanges, because those will just be closed if ice develops.

Johnson said they re monitoring the temperature of the concrete, and if it hits 32 degrees, the interchanges will close.

The product that worked so well on last week s icy roads called meltdown 20 -- won t be distributed this time because they re out of it, Johnson said.

However, if ice does form on the roads, Johnson said they will put chat rock down on trouble spots.

Harris County officials opened their emergency management command center at Houston TranStar at 1 p.m. to monitor road conditions.

METRO Rail, Park & Ride and local transit services will run on a normal schedule Wednesday. However, Metro said weather conditions could result in delays and longer trip times.

The Lynchburg Ferry closed at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday due to the risk of icing on the boats, landings and roads leading to the ferry.

The ferry is expected to reopen Thursday sometime after 9 a.m.

Alternate routes crossing the ship channel include the Fred Hartman Bridge, the Beltway 8 bridge and the Washburn Tunnel.

North of Houston,TxDOT crews were putting sand on bridges and overpasses inMontgomery and Waller counties.

Scout teams were out checking for the formation of ice and trucks were ready to treat other problem areas, as needed.

TxDOT said drivers should slow down, increase their following distance and allow extra time to reach their destinations. If possible, TxDOT said drivers should avoid taking elevated roads.

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