HOUSTON An anonymous group is calling for a boycott of Gallery Furniture because its owner, Jim McIngvale, supports the Tea Party movement.

The group calls itself the Committee Against Gallery Furniture.

It sent us a bilingual Boycott Gallery Furniture bumper sticker.

The group said the bumper sticker is just the beginning of a pushback against McIngvale and the Tea Party.

Mattress Mac said he s frustrated by the anonymous campaign.

I think that s very sad that, you know, speaking out like that, trying to punish me and punish the people that who are speaking their Constitutional rights, McIngvale said. If somebody wants to say they re for higher taxation, so be it. You know, I have nothing against them. And I don t think they should have anything against us who want lower taxes.

No one with the group was willing to reveal their identity or talk publicly.

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