KINGWOOD, Texas The story of a Kingwood mother who lost all four limbs while fighting a deadly strep infection has touched the hearts of many 11News viewers.

Katy Hayes caught the Strep A infection and nearly died after giving birth in February. Her husband, Al, had to make theheart wrenchingdecision to have her arms and legs amputated.

It was the only way tosaveKaty s life.

After watching our stories, viewers wanted to help make things easier for the family that has endured so much.

Paula Marchisio is an amputee herself and was moved to help.

I guess what caught me and tugged at my heart was when she said she couldn t hold the baby, Marchisio said. I called Ted up and said we need to help Katy out.

Ted Muilenburg isthe owner of Muilenburg Prosthetics in downtown Houston.

We all agreed that we thought that we d love to help her, Muilenburg said.

What could have cost the Hayes family more than $40,000 will be donated by Muilenburg s company.

We ve had a number offour prostheses. She ll be chasing after the kids and everything soon, said Marchisio.

Before Katy Hayes gets new arms and legs, she ll be in a wheelchair. That s where a viewer named Chris Moodleycomes in.

When I saw the situation, I thought about it. I got a van sitting right here, Moodley said.

Moodley owns PCM Auto Repair and has a wheelchair-ready van to donate to the Hayes family.

He planned to buy the vehicle from another family that no longer needs it and fix it up. After telling that family about Katy, they decided to donate it to the cause.

If something is in this neighborhood that can be taken from one person and given to another to make their lives better, that s what I d like to do, Moodley said.

We talked to the Hayes family by phone and told them the good news. Al Hayes was speechless. He said that he s amazed by the kindness of strangers.

We plan to follow up with the Hayes family as they make their journey from the hospital in Dallas to Kingwood. That trip could happen in late May.

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