GALVESTON, Texas Donley, the young dolphin rescued from a Texas beach in November, is looking for a permanent home.

The National Marine Fisheries Service reviewed Donley s stranding, as well as his developmental, medical and behavioral history, and determined that he is a non-releasable animal.

Officials said Donley s young age, partial maternal dependence and circumstances surrounding his stranding make his chances for survival in the wild unlikely.

Donley was found on a beach in Port Aransas with various rake marks from other dolphins on Nov. 3.

He was transported to the TMMSN facility in Galveston, where he s been recovering ever since.

The TMMSN has requested that Donley be placed with other animals as soon as possible to address his social requirements and for long-term care.

Facilities interested in caring for Donley will be evaluated and chosen carefully.

The TMMSN said while they re finding a new home and arranging transportation, Donley will remain in rehabilitation.

If you would like to help with Donley s rehabilitation with a donation of money or supplies, visit the TMMSN s Web site.

The TMMSN asks anyone who finds a stranded dolphin or whale to not push them back in the water. Instead, call the Dolphin Rescue Team s emergency hotline at 1-800-9MAMMAL.

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