HOUSTON An unidentified teenage boy was finally laid to rest more than 30 years after he was murdered by a serial killer.

The teen s body and that of another boy have been in the Harris County Medical Examiner s office since the early 1970s because no one ever came forward to claim them.

They were two of the 28 young men whose bodies were unearthed around Houston.

They were victims of the Heights serial killer Dean Corll and his teenage accomplices Emer Wayne Henley and David Brooks.

The bodies were discovered after Henley killed Corll in 1973.

Henley and Brooks are both serving life sentences.

Meanwhile on Thursday, authorities revealed DNA evidence left behind from a third unidentified body is that of Joseph Allen Lyles.

Authorities used his sister s DNA to confirm his identity.

Lyles was buried in an unmarked grave, last year.

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