HOUSTON-You and your family can see all the gold you want for free on Saturday, September 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during Museum District Day. Every year, Houston museums waive admission fees and allow the public to tour them for free.

Saving Cents: Friday fun
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Sept. 14, 2009

"We have 17 museums participating this Saturday.? There will be art exhibits, nature exhibits, history exhibits," said Licia Green-Ellis.

She is hosting the event with her husband, State Senator Rodney Ellis.

KHOU, Channel 11 is sponsoring the event, and plenty of familiar faces will make appearances.? At the Museum of Natural Science you can meet and greet 11 News anchors Vicente Arenas, Shern-Min Chow, Deborah Duncan, Mario Gomez, Christine Haas, Greg Hurst and Lucy Noland.

Busses will shuttle visitors between museums so you can park at one and ride shuttle buses to all the others.

Another family-friendly free event this weekend is a children's workshop at Lowe's stores.

From 10 a.m. until 11 a.m., trained Lowe's staff members will teach children how to build a drum.? You can teach them how to beat it.? The workshops take place every other Saturday.

Coming up on Saturday, September 26, the Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center will hold another canoe ride down Spring Creek.? The trip is free but reservations are required and the spots go quickly.?

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The open date to call and reserve your spot is Wednesday, September 16.? You can call (281) 446-8588.? It's okay if you are a novice canoeist.

"We will give them a few tips and some beginning strokes for those who have never paddled before and suggest they go on the shorter trip," said Darlene Conley Hostetler, Jones Nature Center Director.

The shorter trip takes a couple hours. The longer trip goes all the way to the San Jacinto River, and takes about four hours. Bring a sack lunch to whichever trip you chose because typically the group stops on a beach along the way to relax and eat.

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