HOUSTON-There is a right way and a wrong way to go grocery shopping, according to money-and-time-saving-guru Heloise.? She is famous for her columns, which appear in The Houston Chronicle, and in national magazines.

The wrong way is to grocery shop on an empty stomach.? Another wrong way is to grocery shop without a list. Both ways lead to impulse buying, Heloise said.

Heloise said sure-fired ways to save money on groceries are to get the Sunday paper and harvest the coupons out of it.? It is so full of usable coupons, she said, that even people who hate coupon-clipping will find the paper well worth the effort.

Buy groceries you can use to make big meals, she said.? Her rule is to cook once and eat three times off the same meal.?

Buy your favorite name brands and buy the generic brand, then compare them, Heloise said.

"Years ago I visited a manufacturing plant for laundry detergent and I looked over and he said, 'You know our secret.' I said, 'What?' He said, 'That's the brand name. That's the generic.' I said, 'They're coming out of the same tube.' He went, 'Hmmm-Mmmm,'" Heloise said.

If the generic brand passes your taste test or comparison test, transfer it to a container you have at home.? Otherwise your family may be prejudiced by the generic-brand packaging or bottling.

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