Sherry Williams' 11 News report
May 15, 2009

HOUSTON-Here at 11 News, we asked and you told us how you are Saving Cents to stretch your hard-earned dollars. Below are the best of this week's money saving tips from viewers:

We got this e-mail from a viewer named Lisa who watched yesterday's story on Redbox $1 DVD rentals and alerted us to the fact that Houston has become a test market for Blockbuster.

Blockbuster is renting non-new releases for $1 per day, and new releases for $2 per day. You can find this deal at all Houston Blockbusters.

A viewer with initials KSJ e-mailed to say we should check out a Web site called for daily deals and coupons. We did and saw everything on that site from dog food to laptops on sale.

Also Online

And a viewer named Aarti who watched our reports at had these Saving Cents ideas:

Take a staycation this summer. She reminds us you can have lots of fun at the Houston Zoo.

She also told us about a Web site called where you can trade furniture and other items for free with other people in your neighborhood. She says it's a great way to find things for your home that may need to be re-upholstered or refinished, but it's a lot cheaper than buying new things.

Aarti also said to check out a Web site called It will tell you restaurants in town where kids can eat for free and which days they can do so. A couple of examples she gave where's she found free kids meals are: Denny's, IHOP, Golden Corral and Hooters.

We love these tips! If you have some of your own, please e-mail them to me at .

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