KATY, Texas The heat is rising for some homeowners in one Katy community. Thieves are stealing entire central air conditioning units, and neighbors worry that the trend is far from over.

It s happening in the Mason Lakes subdivision near Clay Road and Mason Road.

The latest home left without air conditioning was targeted some time overnight Tuesday.

We didn t know until later this morning when the A/C wasn t heating up in the house, explained the homeowner, who didn t want to use his name.

The family now has to wait until Thursday to have a new air conditioning unit installed. It s going to cost them a nearly $3,000 deductible.

Our 18-month-old, he s not a cranky baby. Today, he s being cranky, explained the wife. It had to be somebody in the neighborhood.

Neighbors believe crooks are after the copper inside the units. There have been at least three A/C units stolen in recent months.

I just don t want mine to get taken, said neighbor Tricia King. I m going to buy cameras and lights. I m going to light up the side of my house like a Christmas tree.

Another recent victim enclosed a replacement A/C in a thick metal cage with locks to prevent it from being stolen again.

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