HOUSTON -- In 2010 the Beach family's dream came true. They received a new house from the reality TV show Extreme Makeover after Hurricane Ike damaged their old home in Kemah. However the taxes and upkeep proved more than the family, that adopted and fostered scores of children, could handle.

The Beaches recently sold the eight-bedroom home for $500,000 to a drug rehab facility. Neighbors said that's not fair.

It's not a comfortable feeling to me, you know? said Alicia Leone who grew up in the 1000 block of Delesandri Lane where the home is located. Her mother still lives there and her children visit often.

Property value, it's gonna kill our property value, said Dawn and Barry Adams, whose home backs up to the property.

The new owner of the home is Butch Woolfolk, who used to be a running back with The Houston Oilers. He told KHOU 11 news the facility called Kemah Palms Recovery will only house high net worth a Betty Ford Center.

Kemah Palms Recovery will have 14 beds. Woolfolk said every client will go through a strict background check and no one with crime in their background will be admitted.

Woolfolk said clients will pay$20,000 to $40,000 for stays lasting 30 to 60 days.

Kemah Palms Recovery has gone to the City of Kemah to get special permission concerning parking. The city council will not take the issue up until its next meeting on July 16.

There appears to be no other potential roadblocks that could stop the facility from opening in early August.

Residents are hopeful that what started as one family's dream won't turn into a nightmare for them. Woolfolk assured everyone that will not be the case.

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