TEXAS CITY, Texas A Texas City neighborhood is dealing with a rash of car break-ins. But what s even more shocking is that two children are believed to be behind them.

Neighbors are anxious, said Moses Ayala.

Ayala s already been hit twice, so has his neighbor. Both men live along Sixth Ave N. and 26th St. in Texas City. It was his surveillance video that caught the suspects on camera.

There was two little kids running around in their vehicles that was crazy, said Ayala.

Texas City Police say they caught one Wednesday He s just 13-years-old.

I m not surprised, said Curtis Garrett. Around this area they start at 11, 12 years old. They start stealing young.

But the second half of this young car break-in duo is still out there. Neighbors tell KHOU 11 News the two juveniles have been strolling down their street jiggling doors, stealing from any car they can.

Sometimes I m sitting there, and as soon as I hear a noise, I sprint up turn the lights on, and by the time I make it outside, there are already other people looking outside, said Ayala.

Everyone on the street is on alert. It s why Ayala s home has security cameras, and so does nearly every other house on the block.

We see them going through here all the time, said Garrett. They keep getting away.

They re not old enough to drive, so they re getting away on foot. Neighbors say they ve seen them on bikes, too.

They can t be from too far away, said Ayala.

Police said it appears they know the neighborhood well and could be living just a few blocks away from their targets. Now neighbors hope, the remaining kid car burglar isn t dumb enough to come back alone.

They probably got lucky coming down here, said Ayala. They didn t get hurt, but it s just a matter of time.

Texas City police said the outstanding teen burglar is believed to be 14-years-old. They hope to catch him soon. Both boys will face burglary of a vehicle charges, a Class A misdemeanor in Galveston County s Juvenile Court system.

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