CHANNELVIEW, Texas Harris County is taking legal action against a business on the east side after some people started complaining that fumes from the plant were making them sick.

Humberto Locono would much rather be smelling his fajitas than what he smells too often coming from across the street. He isn t sure what exactly the smell is that seems to be coming from Texas Industrial Box Maintenance.

Like Chlorine...chlorine...sometimes my eyes, like wanna cry, Locono said.

Locono knows whatever it is it cannot be good for him and his two children.

Sometimes I go inside and it still smell cause the AC is on. Sometimes I go to my mom s house because of the smell, he said.

Harris County Asst. Attorney Jennifer Fox said that Texas Industrial Box Maintenance is a hazard to the community and has been for more than a decade. The county is now suing the company to get it in compliance or shut it down.

In this particular case they have had complaints dating back to 2004. Air pollution violations, emission violations, solid waste violations, she said.

The company cleans tanks used on work sites and to transport oil based products and other hazards.

Neighbors here say the problems have been going on for years.

Three times four times a week.

There are homes less than a hundred feet away like the one where Carlos Chavez lives.

The stink in the house, it stinks, he said.

The manager here told KHOU 11 News he had no idea they were being sued, but he inherited a number of problems from prior managers, adding they are working hard to be good neighbors.

But it may not be hard enough for some.

Move the plant, Locono said.

The company officially referred KHOU 11 News to its attorney and no one would talk on camera, but said that it is looking for a new location.

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