HOUSTON -- The Houston ISD Board voted unanimously to pass the budget for their new funding proposal for their magnet school programs Thursday night.

The magnet funding, which was considered separately, was a contentious topic and it dragged on for more than three hours.

The board voted 5-4 in favor of a new funding proposal that doesn t cut anything from HISD, but moves existing money around.

Several magnet schools stand to lose a lot of money, especially TH Rogers, which was at risk of losing $1 million. Board members said that TH Rogers will only lose approximately $130,000 in the first year, which comes out to be about three teachers.

The board also said that the special education program there will not be affected.

Board members who voted in favor of the funding redistribution said they did so to promote equality in all schools, but trustee Wanda Adams said every child is losing here today.

The budget that was passed unanimously gives starting teachers a pay boost, and it also adds $112 per student.

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