HOUSTON Brett Detamore has some remodeling to do after thieves cleaned out his Oak Forest home.

The brazen burglars, who were captured on surveillance video, removed two flat screen TVs, vacuum cleaners and other electronics along with something you might not expect.

You'll see the washer and dryer are gone, said Detamore as he gestured into the wash room.

Surveillance video shows the thieves carrying the washer and dryer out the front door. If any of the Detamore s neighbors saw something, no one reported it.

For the most part, nobody saw anything, said Detamore. Nobody heard anything.

The home does have a burglar alarm but it had been disabled in recent days. The Detamores and their two small kids have been staying away during some much needed home repairs.

So we had contractors coming in and contractors going out, saDetamore.

Apparently, the suspects thought it was the perfect time to strike. The video shows one of them casing the place and checking the back door. They don't wait long to go to work making three trips in just over two hours.

It's frustrating, said Detamore. We work hard for what we have and it's gone.

But it turns out the thieves left behind one small flat screen that happens to be connected to the security system. And that s ironic because it's given police investigating the crime their best clue; close-up images of the three men believed to have pulled it off.

People work hard for what they have so if you want something, go work for it, said Detamore.

The Detamores place the value of the items stolen at $10,000.

So far police have not made any arrests.

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