HOUSTON Deputies say there has been a rash of smash-and-grab car burglaries in the 2920 area of Spring.

One particular place is in and around day care centers.

We have two kids so she had her hands full, carrying the two-year-old, and walking with the five-year-old, said Brian Horak.

His car was hit Thursday morning at the Primrose School of Spring/Klein as his wife was doing the morning dropoff.

She went inside and dropped off one kid and in a matter of minutes someone came in and said, Hey, who owns this car, Horak said.

It just took seconds for the crook to smash the family car s window and grab the purse and a gym bag.

They were quick and quiet, managing to shatter the passenger window, getting in and out with no one the wiser.

There was a witness that says they saw a truck speeding off, but nobody saw it happen, Horak said.

That happens way too often.

The Harris County Sheriff s deputy that responded to the call at the school told them that there have been 30 smash-and-grab incidents just this week in the 2920 corridor, not just at schools.

Schools are often a target because parents are in a hurry and often have their hands full, leaving something valuable behind in the car, locked or not.

The Horak family did not lose much physically, but they lost plenty of time, and they got plenty of hassle and worry.

It is life in the big city. You just feel very vulnerable after something like that happens. We took all the precautions we could. Hid all the valuables. Did not have anything in plain sight, Horak said.

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