SPRING, Texas --The owner of a brand new Ford Escape is fuming after a valet driver got into an accident and damaged her vehicle.

Marisa Teters was on her first post-baby outing, a bridal shower at the Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen in Upper Kirby last Saturday night. She believes the valet driver pulled out in front of a car on Richmond Avenue.

Teters said that it took Houston Police hours to show up so she spent time talking to anyone who witnessed what happened.

There were like five or six valet people out there, said Teters. Different ones would come and talk to me and trying to say it wasn't their fault.

But she finds that hard to believe since police let the other driver go and she witnessed the valet get some kind of ticket.

Teters' husband Tyler Seibel said it's been a battle since the accident and their SUV is inoperable.

There's three bars, support bars in the back, and all three are broken, said Seibel. The rim is damaged. The shock is broken. The tire is completely destroyed.

Not only is there thousands of dollars of damage, but the couple had to pay hundreds to get the car out of the impound lot. To make matters worse, they say no one is taking responsibility for what happened.

It's been miserable, said Teters. Me and my husband share a car so he's been having to get rides to work.

We contacted the valet company that works outside the Queen Vic, SPS Valet. The manager said he offered a rental, but the company won't claim responsibility until an official police report is released. HPD told us that could take up to a couple of weeks.

The couple told us that no one offered them anything and their own insurance company even told them it doesn't look good.

They say that basically the valet companies usually get away with this, said Teters. They usually have to file under their own insurance and they never can get anything from the valet companies.

The manager of the valet company said if they are at fault, they will pay. Until then, Teters and Seibel vow to never use a valet service again.

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