SUGAR LAND, Texas -- A Missouri City woman was shocked when she found a screw in a piece of jalapeno cornbread at a Luby's in Sugar Land.

I thought, 'Oh my God, there's a screw in this,' said Janice Ware. Are you kidding, that's the normal reaction.

Ware has been going to Luby's two to three times a week for the last few years. Earlier this week, she ordered some gumbo and a piece of her favorite cornbread. When she got home, she made the unpleasant discovery.

I thought it was a really hard piece of jalapeno, said Ware. But it was a huge screw.

She grabbed her receipt, the corn muffin and the screw. She drove back to Luby's to demand an answer.

I showed it to the manager and she said, 'Oh my goodness,' said Ware. This probably fell out of the mixer.

The manager agreed, but minutes later backtracked saying the mixers at this location were brand new.

Clearly, Luby's had a problem in the kitchen that day, said Ware.

Ware says she can forgive and forget an error in the kitchen, but it's how she was treated that really has her upset. She was not given any compensation or a refund. Instead, all Luby's wanted was the half-eaten muffin and screw back.

She refused.

That part I would not give up, said Ware.

The experienced forced this long time Luby's customer to look elsewhere for that next bite.

I won't be going to Luby's anymore, said Ware.

Luby's declined a chance to talk in person, but did release this statement:

We are actively investigating this matter which was recently brought to our attention by a guest who had taken the food home as a to-go order. We have reached out to the guest to follow up and hopefully resolve this matter to our guest's satisfaction. We conduct routine inspection, maintenance and cleaning procedures for all our equipment. Our guest s safety is of the utmost importance and we will continue to reinforce and focus on these areas through diligent training and continual oversight by both our operational and facility management teams.

Janice says she's still waiting for that call.

So I'm not going to start cooking, but I have to find a new place to eat, said Ware.

Somewhere where screws aren't included, according to Ware.

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