HOUSTON -- Rocky Derricho, a Northshore resident, has fishing on the mind for now. It s a welcome change after the last couple days, when he worried the heavy storms would flood his home that sits right along the San Jacinto River.

Pack up and get out because two years ago we got hit pretty hard. We had almost four feet of water in the house, Derricho said.

And in the hurry to protect his new shed, he prepared as best he could, tying it and strapping it down.

In case the water hit, you know it was already braced. It wouldn t go anywhere, he said.

But it was only a close call this time.

Definitely receding. It's awesome right now. Hopefully it stays like this. They're predicting rain, tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, but if we get by that, we're fine, said Derricho.

For now he's just enjoying the full river that brings more fish and more chances to take out a kayak, like Denise Flores and her family, just down the shore.

While the water is still up, it s great. All the trash is cleaned up out of the way, said Eloy Flores, a Northshore resident.

But still people are a little nervous, and keeping a watchful eye.

The last few days I was worried because the water, it just keeps rising, and people were telling me that water was cresting so it was gonna keep rising. Yes, I was worried about it, but I think we are gonna be ok, said Eloy Flores.

And so does Derricho, who is focusing on his fishing skills.

We've already caught one, a small one. But we caught one, said Derricho.

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