SPOKANE, Wash. -- A former girlfriend of murder suspect, Jeremy Arnold, told KREM 2 News she saw him the night before he killed another woman he was seeing. She fears he may be obsessed with killing.

Detectives said Jeremy Arnold stabbed his girlfriend Tracy Fergerstorm multiple times. Then, he blew through some police barricades at the murder scene and pulled what appeared to be a gun on officers. Officials said they told him multiple times to drop the weapon. Officers shot and killed him.

Arnold s wife drowned nearly a year ago. Officials call her death suspicious. They said there was never enough probable cause to charge him with anything.

One of Arnold s girlfriends spoke to KREM 2 News about her relationship with him. She asked that we do not use her name.

She said she met him on a dating site earlier this year. Despite him constantly talking with other women, she said things were going well. He even invited her out to see his boat.

He took me to Horseshoe Lake, that s where he said he wanted to take me out on the boat, she said.

When the couple got to the lake, she said Arnold went crazy when her phone rang.

He threatened to beat me half to death, she said. He said if I didn t shut my mouth he would beat me.

She said when she heard another girlfriend wound up needing to be rescued at a different lake it raised a red flag. She believes Arnold s wife s death in the Spokane River last year was no accident. She distanced herself from Arnold.

Then, late Monday night, Arnold showed up to her house belligerent in murder victim, Tracy Fergerstorm s, truck with Fergerstorm in the front seat.

He was asking me to drive them out to Williams Lake, she said.

The former girlfriend suspects Arnold may be a serial killer, obsessed with taking women to water and assaulting them.

She said she was somehow able to get Arnold to leave her property. Then, hours later Fergerstorm s body was found in Arnold s home.

Honestly, I ve had a big wakeup call, she said.

She also mentioned that Arnold was on anti-psychotic medication and was paranoid. He also had surveillance equipment around his home. She said he was obsessed with watching his property.

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