HOUSTON -- A bungled Oklahoma execution could have impact on Texas cases.

Clayton Lockett was supposed to die last night, just not on his own.

His execution was halted after more than 20 minutes, with witness accounts suggesting Lockett was conscious and apparently writhing in pain.

He died minutes later of an apparent massive heart attack.

I would hope that the botched execution in Oklahoma would have an impact nationally and here in Texas, said Dave Atwood of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

It is possible that the Supreme Court will just stop everything and say let s review it. I hope that does happen, Atwood added.

On the other side of the debate is Andy Kahan, a Houston Crime Victim s Advocate.

From their perspective, certainly what happened in Oklahoma gives them a leg to stand on, he said. This is an issue that we have already gone up against in Texas whether the so-called new drugs constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

KHOU 11 News Legal expert Gerald Treece said, These morbid bizarre cases like this give credence to that voice that is getting louder and louder against using capital punishment at all.

The next scheduled execution here in Texas is Robert James Campbell who was just 18 when he and another man kidnapped Alexandra Rendon from a gas station.

The two men took her to a wooded area, raped her and then told her to run. Campbell shot her in the back and left her to die.

Campbell has been on death row longer than 18 years.

He is scheduled to die May 13th and all sides know the Oklahoma case will come up in the days before that, but the United States Supreme Court has a high bar that includes incidents much worse than last night in Oklahoma.

Where the electric chair did not work and that was not enough. They said you get to get executed again, Treece said.

For those on death row the clock is still ticking, at least for now.

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