HOUSTON -- What happened at the corner of Fulton and Quitman Wednesday afternoon was something Willie Tucker wished he d never seen

It was very shocking for me, said Tucker. I heard her screaming. I heard her screaming. And it just hit me very hard because I saw this happening.

Witnesses said it happened in just seconds. A woman walking across Fulton was hit by a Metro bus that had just turned off Quitman. The victim was briefly pinned under the front wheels.

She was still alive when the ambulance came for her, said Gloria Gonzalez. She was still alive and she was screaming.

Metro Police are now investigating the accident, but people who were out there at the time say it looked to them like the bus was speeding.

And the bus driver said that he didn't see her, but he clearly could have seen her walking in the middle of the street, said Tucker.

The victim was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital. The driver of the bus has not been charged. Per standard procedure, he s been tested for drugs and alcohol and has been pulled off the streets pending the outcome of the investigation, a process expected to take several days.

Gonzalez believes drivers need to be more careful.

They're a little bit too aggressive, said Gonzalez. I don't know if he was. But I think Metro needs to take a look at that and speak with their drivers or something because this can't keep happening.

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