HOUSTON -- This is exactly what should happen when an adult catches a ball in the stands.

Hakeem Olajuwon autographed a basketball during halftime of the Houston Rockets game Thursday night.

The Rockets mascot Clutch then chucked the Olajuwon autographed ball into the stands. Some guy caught it. Naturally, this guy was pretty pleased with his win. He snatched it out of the hands of many competitors. He rose up like a salmon for autographed ball glory.

But then, he gave it away to a stranger. Wait, this guy snags a free autograph from NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon and just gives it to some shmo?

Not a shmo. Just the world s happiest child.

Doing nice things out of the goodness of your heart makes you feel like a million Hakeem Olajuwon bucks.

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