HOUSTON An innocent woman and her beloved pet suffered unimaginable torture allegedly at the hands of her jealous ex-boyfriend. The man relentlessly stalked the terrified woman and even decapitated her pit bull, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Christopher Forkah, 20, was charged with stalking. According to court documents, he stalked his victim from February 23 through March 6.

After the relationship with his girlfriend ended, Forkah released a reign of terror that left the woman in constant fear for her life.

The ex-girlfriend said she received a barrage of threatening phone calls, text messages and voice messages after the breakup, but that was just the beginning. One day she allegedly saw Forkah standing outside her apartment with a pair of scissors in his hand. He sliced his own finger, then walked up to her door. After he left, the frightened woman looked outside and saw that a cross drawn in blood was on her door.

Forkah warned his ex to stop seeing her present male companion or he would leave her in pieces, according to court documents. She had good reason to believe him.

The woman returned home on March 6 to find her pit bull s genitals on the ground outside her door. Horrified, she entered the apartment to find her dead dog lying on her bedroom floor, mutilated, with a knife protruding from his body. Even more horrific, the animal had been beheaded, but his head was not in the home. A bloody note was left on the floor. It read (expletive) stop messing with someone s love. We got u. Last warning!

She then called the police for help. The ex-girlfriend said Forkah had assaulted her in the past, but she remained silent about the abuse.

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