LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- A woman whose job is to help patients in need is accused of running down a bicyclist and leaving him to die.

It happened last Thursday around 2:30 a.m. in the 1900 block of East Marina Bay Drive in League City.

League City Police say the cyclist, 45-year-old Kevin Munson, was riding in the roadway, which is perfectly legal.

Munson was pronounced dead as a result of head injuries.

When someone is trained in emergency services, you would expect them to react in a certain way, said Detective John Griffith.

Surveillance video captured outside the nearby gated Waterford Harbor Community just minutes after the hit and run proved vital to the case.

It showed a woman attempting remove a wheel well cover on her car and a security guard helping her out.

League City Police posted it online and asked people to view and share it.

In the first day we got over 86,000 views. We ended up getting 1,000 views, explained Detective Griffith. We got calls from all over the United States.

Tips led police to the sole suspect, Dena McKenzie, on the same day that the video was released.

Police questioned her at her job as a nurse at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital in Nassau Bay.

Less than a week later, McKenzie was taken into custody and charged with accident involving death.

If somebody s in pain, in need, you should stop and help, especially if you ve got the skills and training to do so, said McKenzie s neighbor Anna Novak. It s absolutely inexcusable not to do something.

Anna Novak lives directly across from McKenzie in a waterfront community in League City.

Novak says McKenzie, a divorcee and mother of two adult children, lives alone with her dog.

She keeps very quiet, keeps that door shut. We ve said hello to her many times, and she never even says hello back, added Novak.

Neighbors of the cyclist want McKenzie to pay for the cold crime.

Accidents happen. You may have made a mistake, but don t compound it and make a felony out of an accident, said neighbor Carlton Stoddard.

The victim, Kevin Munson, leaves behind two children.

Those who know him are still trying to comprehend the alleged disregard shown by the suspect.

You don t leave a dog on the side of the road, much less a human being and a loving father, said Fred Crouch, a former neighbor of the victim. Now there s two kids, one 16, one 11, without a father.

McKenzie is currently in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Her ex-boyfriend told KHOU by telephone that he s convinced there is more to the story. He used to live with McKenzie in Montana and says she always helped everyone around her.

She s a very nurturing person, said Johnny Polk of Rudyard, MT. I can t see her harming any human being and leaving them. It just doesn t fit. She would ve been out administering first aid to him.

Police say if she had stopped and helped she could ve potentially avoided charges all together.

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