HOUSTON -- People are always losing things at the rodeo and there's a busy lost and found to prove it.

Chairman of the Directions and Assistance Committee Bubba Lange said the most misplaced items are car keys.

We sort them by the type of car it is, said Lange. So it's easier when someone calls in to say I lost a Chevrolet key or I lost a Ford key

You'll also find sunglasses, clothing and even large items like strollers that you would think parents might miss.

I have multiple of these, as he pointed to folded up strollers on shelves of the Lost and Found in Room 102 of the Reliant Center.

No lost and found is complete without ID's, credit cards and cell phones. Jodi Briand showed up hoping to find hers.

My phone was in my back pocket and I don't know if it slipped out, said Briand. There were so many people Saturday that I think someone might have picked it out of my pocket.

Unfortunately, Briand's phone was not in the pile that had been turned into Lost and Found.

The biggest ticket item this rodeo season is what appears to be a diamond engagement ring that was lost on the night Reba performed last Thursday.

There are also single shoes that somehow got separated from their mates and waiting to be picked up by the owner.

The most bizarre items ever turned in were a wheelchair, false teeth and prosthetic body part.

If you lost an item and want to check and see if the Directions and Assistance committee has it, you can call (832) 667-1311 or 1312.

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