HOUSTON A mother who said she was tired of getting CPS cases over and over was charged after she allegedly abused her 8-year-old son, according to Houston police.

Lesandra Lynn Glover was charged with injury to a child.

The 8-year-old boy went to the school nurse complaining about pain in his thigh, buttocks and back area on February 2. He said his mom gave him a whooping with an extension cord because he did not get his brother s clothes ready. The nurse saw the boy had multiple bruises and lacerations old and new on his back and on the back of his upper legs, according to court documents.

The boy said his mother warned him not to tell anyone at the school about things that went on in their house, and he got in trouble about that before when he told administrators at a previous school.

His 11-year-old brother was then questioned and he said his mother would use a belt, wooden spoon, or extension cord to spank them. He said his little brother was cut on the face when his mother struck him with the extension cord, and he told his brother to stay home so no one would see it, but the boy wanted to go to school.

Investigators said the mother told them that she does everything she can not to catch a CPS case, but sometimes she has to spank her children. She admitted that she uses a belt or wooden spoon sometimes to discipline them.

Glover said that she had to spank her 8-year-old for stealing, and accidentally scratched his face as she was grabbing for him. She denied causing any other marks on her son s body.

Investigators determined that the multiple scars and marks on the boy s body were consistent with being struck with a belt and an extension cord.

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