HOUSTON -- A Houston Texans fan said his life was changed after he left a game in 2012 and went to a tailgate party in the Reliant parking lot.

The hardest part is that I physically won t be the same as before that day, said Chris Stump. I can t run. I can t jump. I can t do movements that I used to be able to do.

The now 33-year-old Stump said the injury happened as he was boarding the back of a tailgate bus and a child in front of him lost his footing and fell.

So he reached up to push the boy up onto the top of the platform to save him really and lost his balance and fell to the ground smashing both of his heels, said Stump s attorney Gary Riebschlager.

Stump spent months in a wheelchair, going through rehab and learning to walk again. Riebschlager said his client racked up about a half million dollars in medical bills.

So, he s suing, among others, Reliant stadium for not inspecting party buses before letting them into the parking lot.

I m not looking to get rich, Stump told us. I just want to be financially somewhat where I was before.

We asked if he was drinking on game day. He and his attorney said no.

He wasn t drinking that day, he said. He wasn t, so he wasn t drunk trying to go up those steps, no ma am he was not.

The Houston Texans were also named in the suit. The organization just got the lawsuit and have no comment yet, but plenty of Texans fans are weighing in.

I m sympathetic to this guy s accident, but I don t believe it s anybody s fault, said Gary Donaldson. I don t think you can assign blame to something like that.

That was his call, Natalie Crain said. No one told him to do it.

Stump is hoping that this suit will bring about added safety measures like hand rails on tailgate buses, and at least half a million dollars to pay his medical debt.

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