PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida There s still no sign of a Rice University student who disappeared while on a spring break trip in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Reny Jose, 21, rented a beach-front home with some buddies. They say he went for a walk alone around 6:30 p.m. Monday and hasn t been seen since.

Basically, what we did is we called the investigations out, as well as other patrol and marked units, and we have searched the beach up and down and underneath some of the high-standing beach houses, as well as with the air unit, said Captain Ricky Ramie with Bay County Sheriff s Office. We ve searched very thoroughly in that area for him.

Investigators say some clothes and personal items were found in a garbage can near the vacation home Jose and his friends rented.

One woman who lives next to the beach house said she hasn t seen anything suspicious.

I ve seen, you know, the typical riding in the back of the trucks and hoopin and hollerin and stuff like that, but really that s about the extent of it, said Carolyn Dismuke. Most of them come here to have fun, you know, get away, get away from school for a little while.

Jose is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering in the Martel College.

Back in Houston, Rice officials sent an emergency email to staff and students to let them know about Jose.

Small school, we often know these students, said Professor Bob Hardt with Rice.

It is very sad, very sad, said Anussaya Mohapatia, a student.

If you have any information about Jose that might be helpful, please contact the Rice University Police Department at 713-348-6000.


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