HOUSTON Several Venezuelan communities gathered to protest in different places across Houston Sunday.

On a corner in The Galleria area in Houston, people demanded attention to the recent violence erupting throughout their home country.

The violence oppression of students and civilians to demonstrate in favor of peace, in favor of peaceful protest, to tell the world about our rights and our human rights, said Jose Antonio Ramos Chaparro, a Venezuelan protester.

The protesters said they support the opposition, a group against the current government in Venezuela led by President Nicolas Maduro.

Since the protesting began in the South American country, many people have been injured and some have been killed.

In Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, all the Latin Americans please be aware of what s going on in Venezuela, said a protester.

Some of the issues at the heart of the showdown are the crime rates and the economy, something the Houston Venezuelan community will be watching very closely.

Our main priority here is to let everyone know in Venezuela is to let everyone know, we are with them, they are not alone, said Luis Gonzalez, a Venezuelan protester.

They want to be heard loud and clear.

It hurts us very much to see our families back home hurting, said Mariela Carrillo, a protester. We are not here to overthrow the government. The violence is not on our side. The dead are not on our side.

He needs to let people live in freedom like we always did, said Roxana Garcia, a protester.

They said they want the freedom to protest peacefully for change.

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