SEATTLE -- In my continued search to find the best websites and daily deals to save you time and money, today the perfect travel companion.

It's a terrible feeling to save up for a flight, make the purchase and then two weeks later watch prices drop to half of what you paid. Today one award-winning website can get you your money back from many of the major airlines with just a few clicks.

Welcome to Yapta. The strange name stands for Your advanced personal travel assistant and I d say that title is an understatement. Yapta helps those people who haven t yet purchased airfare and those who have.

If you haven't purchased yet, plug in your flight details and today's website will also show you when you're most likely to get the best deal by taking into account current price trends. If you've already purchased a ticket through an airline or another website, Yapta can actually get you refunds on the spot, working with the policies of major airlines. In our tests, we were able to get $150 back on a flight, while we had exceeded the time in the exchange policy on another flight.

Today s website is completely free to join and it saves the average traveler $334 every year. Last year it saved me more than $800.

If you don t travel often, Yapta is still a superb way to search for flights and alert you to price drops.

CLICK HERE and sign-up for Yapta.

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