SAN ANTONIO -- A 13-year-old found a gun inside a movie theater over the weekend and while people agree he did the right thing, the situation has raised some questions.

Ashton Bynum went to see Labor Day at Regal Northwoods Stadium 14 Saturday night and said he saw a gun in an unzipped bag on the table in the waiting area. Bynum told a concession stand worker and theater employees collected the gun.

His mother called the theater and was told a law enforcement officer describing himself as a detective came looking for the gun. The mother said she was told an employee reviewed two forms of identification and then handed over the gun.

A sign is present at the theater saying guns are not allowed but that doesn't apply to license peace officers because they are considered on-duty 24/7.

The detective's name was not given and it is not clear if whatever police department the detective belongs to requires officers to report mishaps.

According to Texas law, it is considered an offense if a person fails to secure a firearm or leaves a firearm where a child under the age of 18 could gain access to the loaded firearm.

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