HOUSTON - Many call soccer, the world s game. For Houston-area product 8-year old Sebastian Pacheco, the sport has become his world.

I like soccer and I like to watch soccer, Sebastian said.

When you see team Valencia, of the Houston Express Soccer Club in action, #4 will immediately standout. Whether it s getting around defenders, finding open teammates, or scoring a goal, Sebastian is seemingly in control when on the pitch.

As a parent, you think your child is the best, Sebastian s mom Marisol said. I m actually starting to believe it.

But to say Marisol Pacheco is surprised at her son s talents...well...

From what I remember, he was crawling and he would chase the ball and when he started walking that was one of the first things, he was already trying to kick the ball, Pacheco said.

As soon as Sebastian was born, his father, who played soccer in Honduras instilled that same love of the sport in his son. Over the years, under the tutelage of his dad, Sebastian kept getting better and better.

I enjoy playing with him and he teaches me good, Sebastian said.

I tell him you want to be one of the many players that have the dream and don t make it or do you want to be different because to be different you need to work hard we need to work double, his father said.

That dedication has paid off. Last month, Sebastian attended a camp in San Antonio hosted by Barcelona FC, arguably the most dominant football club in the world.

It was one of 7 camps across the country, 1,000 kids participated, 20 were selected to travel to Spain and train at the club s complex this coming April. Sebastian is one of them.

The coaches at the end of the camp, of course all the kids wanted to take a picture with the coaches, but this time the coaches wanted to take a picture with Sebastian so that made us feel very special, his mom said.

For Sebastian, this is only the beginning. He wants to be a professional soccer player and one day, play for the US National team. His parents are sure to be there every step of the way.

I feel so emotional, his father said. I feel so proud for my kid because his dreams are coming true he s living that dream.

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