HOUSTON The so-called knockout game sweeping the internet sparked anger and outrage among local activists who spoke out urging people to put a stop to it.

We urge you to stop it now, said Deric Muhammad. We condemn the so-called knockout game in its strongest terms.

The activists sounded off days after a man faced a federal judge on hate crime charges. Conrad Barrett, 27, is accused of stalking an elderly man and punching him unconscious near his Katy home last month.

The 79-year-old victim suffered a broken jaw and lost several teeth.Authorities claim Barrett bragged about what he had done on video.

Images of similar assaults can be found all over the internet.That s why several activists said they felt compelled to sound off.

Minister Robert Muhammad of the Nation of Islam said the news conference had nothing to do with race.

We want to save our youth regardless of their race, or their creed or their class, he said.

Barrett s attorney has said his client suffers from bipolar disorder and is remorseful and depressed. But police have said he staked the elderly man, and on other videos, could be heard saying he wanted to hit a black person.

The victim s attorney said he s only seeking justice for his client and has no involvement with any of the local activists.

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