HOUSTON The world can be an unfriendly, threatening place. But we all need the same things safety, health and happiness. Everyone has the ability to make a difference and do something that could change our community for the better. And it can start with one person---maybe it s you.

Do you know someone whose life you could change with a helping hand or a kind act? Are you in need of help to get through the day? Would you be willing to give your time and your efforts to help someone? That s what it means to Pay It Forward , giving something back for the good things in your life.

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No purchase necessary to enter. Users must have internet access in order to register a nomination for consideration for this series. The nominated individual must be a legal resident and reside within 100 miles of Houston City Hall. KHOU 11 News reserves the right to review and select nominations to be profiled in a newscast. KHOU 11 News is under no obligation to contact the applicant or to air a submission. KHOU 11 News reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this series of stories at anytime without notice. There is no prize or value assigned to being selected for this uplifting series of stories.

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