HOUSTON The season from hell continues for the Houston Texans.

A sexually explicit video posted on rookie receiver Deandre Hopkins Instagram account set off a Twitter firestorm Wednesday morning.

The video was deleted within minutes.

Hopkins girlfriend quickly posted an explanation on his @Nukdabomb Twitter account: Instagram was hacked, this is his girlfriend he s in meetings with no phone, have some respect ppl.

Hopkins later said he was at practice when the video was posted.

It s not my genitals, he told KHOU 11 News reporter Sherry Williams.

The first round draft pick appeared to be taking the whole thing in stride.

I wasn t upset at all because I have no need to be upset about something that was not me, Hopkins said. Yeah, it s funny that somebody would take time out of their day to do that.

Hopkins said some of his teammates saw the pictures and are giving him a hard time.

These like my brothers. My brothers would joke about this.

Fans also responded with a fury of bad puns, sexual innuendos and, in some cases, angry retorts on social media.

Hopkins said he learned a lesson thanks to the hacker: Make a harder password, first of all. That s the only thing I can do to prevent another situation like this.

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