NEW YORK -- Back to the Future 's flying DeLorean never made it to your driveway, but one man has spent the better part of his life and fortune trying to turn science fiction into reality.

Paul Moller told CBS News' John Blackstone that he first started thinking about building a flying car when he was a child.

I first got curious about flying when I rescued a hummingbird when I was 5 years old in Canada, said Moller. As I let it go, it hovered for a second, then just disappeared, and I thought, boy, that's a great way to get to school.

He told Blackstone that he felt that if he could imitate the hummingbird, my life would change.

Celebrated on television and film for decades, the flying car has remained an elusive dream for many, but Moller has dreamed longer than most.

Blackstone first talked to Moller 25 years ago. Back then, he showed the reporter a flying saucer-like model that he'd been working on since 1967. He told Blackstone that he doesn't get discouraged in his quest to make a flying car.

I think we have enough periodic successes that we keep going, he said.

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