As President Barack Obama was promoting the Affordable Care Act on Monday, a woman standing with him on stage nearly passed out.

Karmel Allison, a Type 1 diabetic from San Diego, was standing almost directly behind the President as he gave his remarks in the Rose Garden. She got wobbly at one point and others standing around her began to help.

The president then paused to turn around, and Allison started to fall backwards. The person behind her broke her fall, while Obama also reached out to support her.

I got ya, he said. You're OK.

Turning back to the audience, Obama joked: This happens when I talk too long.

An aide came on stage to escort Allison away from the podium.

Allison tells New Day's Kate Bolduan, Standing up there and beginning to get faint, I had that moment, oh no, don't let it be me. Please, god, not me.

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