HOUSTON Halloween is just around the corner and if you want a customized costume that will stop traffic, then check out Houston body painter Rudy Campos haunt.

His Montrose-area garage doubles as his workshop where he airbrushes his favorite canvas, the human body.

On Thursday, he is creating the always popular undead. His top requests are zombies, vampires, cats and sugar skulls. The body painter even has an agent for corporate gigs.

Campos explains, I do the entertainers who get hired for the event.

His other clients are ordinary folks who want to make an extraordinary statement at a party. Madeline Kiley has worn Campos creations many times.

Usually people go wild. They want to know what it is, why it s there, she said.

Going wild make take some patience painting the neck and shoulder takes 15 to 20 minutes, a full body three to eight hours depending on what the customer wants.

Some folks like to so much, they have slept in it.

Campos remembers, They call me back. It lasted me two nights! Thank you so much! and I m ugh.

For those who prefer the quick zip reusable option, there s a body suit.

I paint em up to look like whatever they want that way they can have their costume multiple days, Campos said.

Starting prices for face and shoulders are $75, full body paint is $200 and body suits are $130 and up.

It s a full time job for the guy who didn t want to grow up.

I need to go buy these actions figures and comic books for research and inspiration, Campos joked.

That geeky guy spends a lot of time working on racy, sometimes topless models. Campos laughs saying, I m the jet-setting playboy of makeup, the mayor of makeup.

But he s in committed relationship now saying, I m desensitized to cute girls now. I m like a doctor.

His girlfriend, Madeline, who happens to be a pin up model, was his model zombie on Thursday.

For more information, visit Campos Facebook page.

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