ROCKWALL, Texas -- Losing weight is a multi-million dollar industry. Law enforcement sources say a Rockwall company and doctor were trying to cash in on that opportunity.

According to court documents obtained by News 8, J & P Benedetto Company was operating a business called Rockwall Healthy Solutions.

Last week, the Texas Attorney General's office charged the company with delivery of controlled substance, phendimetrazine, a powerful weight-loss prescription drug.

According to multiple sources and court records, the company is owned by Rockwall County Constable John Benedetto and his wife, Pamela.

Rockwall Healthy Solutions operated out of a business complex in Rowlett. In that same complex was the office of Dr. Laura Stiles.

Pamela Benedetto has been charged with practicing medicine without a license; Dr. Stiles has been charged with illegally helping Benedetto obtain prescription medication.

Constable Benedetto, who took office in January, hasn't been charged with any crime, but the company he owns has been. Rockwall Healthy Solutions did knowingly deliver, by offer to sell, a controlled substance, according to court documents.

The company's Facebook page says it no longer operates a medically-monitored weight-loss program, but does offer a proven all-natural weight loss plan to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, adding: Our weight loss program is safe, affordable and effective.

News 8 left messages for Stiles and John and Pamela Benedetto; they did not return our calls.


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