HOUSTON -- With social media you can go from hero to zero in a matter of hours. Embattled and embarrassed Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has become one of the latest examples.

It just gets uglier every time you see a Houston pick-six. After the fourth one this past weekend, the Bench Matt Schaub movement is growing. In fact, that's the name of a Facebook page started by Aaron Bruce in Pearland.

He and his wife started it just a week ago, after the Seahawks debacle. Within 24 hours, the page gained 2,000 likes.

A week later, by San Francisco game time, it had 7,300 likes. By Monday after work, there were 11,990 likes.

Bruce pointed to one of his favorite posts. It was a picture of an angry J.J. Watt. The defensive end is captioned saying, Yep, I m gonna kick Schaub s [expletive].

That post got 110,000 views, 788 shares, and 3,716 likes, Bruce said.

The 41-year-old diesel mechanic isn't shy about flying his colors.

Fans, I think, should have some kind of say, Bruce said. We do support the team. We do have a backup quarterback for a reason.

But over at the Stadia sports restaurant, the quarterback was getting a little back up.

I still think Schaub is the quarterback for them, said Mike Curry.

Curry s son Cody agreed.

They don't have a better option right now, Cody said.

Some figured fans are making things worse for Schaub.

I think it puts a little bit of edge on him, to have your own city booing you and burning your jersey, said Luke Neri. It has to take a toll.

The bar does have a special Texans shot for when Houston scores a touchdown, but since San Francisco dominated Houston 34-3, bartender Shelby Thomason said she didn t make any of those drinks last night.

We don't have a drink yet for a pick six but if they lose this weekend, we might definitely have to do something, said Stadia Senior Operations Specialist Chris Kuhfeldt.

Marva Gavins echoed, I think it s the QB. They need a new QB.

Folks liking that option kept rolling in.

The page had 13,000 likes by the time the 10 p.m. news aired.

One of the most popular posts showed a picture of an exhausted President Obama speaking into a phone, Yes Matt, bench splinters are covered by Obamacare.

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