HOUSTON Gallery Furniture owner Jim Mcingvale is vowing to get back to work soon after he was hospitalized Friday for the second time.

This time he s been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

You know you feel your heart just 'bbbbbbb,' like that you know something is wrong, Mcingvale said.

On Tuesday he was short of breath. On Thursday he was

back in the hospital, diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, which means his heart was misfiring.

Last month he was released from St. Lukes Hospital after having a procedure to fix a hole in his heart caused by a genetic condition.

Mattress Mack posted the following message on Facebook with a photo of himself in a hospital bed:

Back in hospital, have atrial fibrillation. A set back is just a set up for a comeback!

He also responded to the comments left in the comments section thanking people for their support.

McIngvale s sisters were visiting him Friday.

He said doctors say they are hoping medications get his heart beating regularly again by Saturday morning.

I wish they d let me out of here today I d probably go back to work tomorrow, he said on Friday. You know I like to work, but I just have to learn to pace myself a little bit more and work half a day, 12-hour days - probably be better.

But his family said the comeback will have to be slow.

He s got discipline, so I think his discipline is going to kick in and he s going to learn to pace himself, said his sister, Julie Stout.

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