HOUSTON The Katy Independent School District sent out a stranger-danger alert Thursday after students at two different elementary schools reported that a driver tried to lure them into a white van Wednesday afternoon.

Three students at Rylander Elementary on Westheimer Pkwy at Falcon Landing say a white van pulled up alongside them when they were walking home from school. The driver told them he was a friend of their parents and had been sent to pick them up. One of the students screamed and the kids ran away.

The students said the white van had the word mowing on the side and was driven by a black male who was balding with short hair and had a verbal accent.

Then 33 minutes later, students walking home from McRoberts Elementary on N. Fry Road, 10 miles away from the first school, also reported that a suspicious man in a white van tried to lure them. But this time the driver was white and the students said the van had multi-color daycare markings. The students ran away and never saw the van again.

Well it s very scary being a mom with four kids, said McRoberts Elementary parent Celese Pickel. Just to know that for any parent that a stranger is lurking around trying to pick up a child.

I wouldn t say anything and I would run, said her son Brandon, who says his teacher at McRoberts Elementary told students about the luring incident.

When you re walking home from the bus stop, to and from school and you re approached by somebody you do not know (then) you take off, you run away. And most importantly you tell an adult, said Katy ISD spokesperson Steve Stanford.

Katy ISD says it sent out a district-wide alert to everyone who had an email on file with the school district.

Because the more people that are on the lookout, the easier it is to catch these folks, said Stanford.

Katy ISD asks if anyone sees anything suspicious to report it to Katy ISD Police.

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