HOUSTON A father and his son were both shot by robbers outside their apartment in south Houston, police said early Thursday.

The shooting was reported at the Ranch at City Park Apartments on City Park Central Lane near W. Orem Drive around 12:45 a.m.

Officers with the Houston Police Department said the father, his wife, and his adult son were all returning to their apartment and were confronted by two suspects as they got out of the car.

Police said the two men demanded the family hand over their belongings.

Some words were exchanged by the suspects and our victims, at which point the suspects started to shoot, said HPD Sgt. Christopher Hassig. They shot at our complainant five times. Both males, both victims, were shot one in the stomach, the other in the leg.

The wife was uninjured. Her husband and son, however, were sent to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

The suspects fled the scene in a gold SUV, police said. A more detailed description of the suspects was not immediately available, but police said they believe the same men were involved in other robberies that took place around the same time.

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