HOUSTON-- A Houston mother is trying to figure out how to pay for new household appliances after hers were zapped after the storm on August 16.

It happened in a neighborhood near Highway 288 and W. Orem Drive.

Patricia Livramento-Turnage said it wasn't the actual storm that blew out all of the items, but it happened the day after when CenterPoint started restoring power.

The surges and blowing out of appliances in the house weren't until Saturday after the repairs were made, Livramento-Turnage said.

Her neighbor Ruth Roberts remembers that day too.

It only happened when they hooked it back up, Roberts said. That's how I know it wasn't lightning that did it.

Both filed claims with CenterPoint and both were denied.

The company said the storm generated lots of lightning strikes. Even with protective measures, acts of God are beyond the utilities control.

It's mind boggling, Livramento-Turnage said. I tried to cry but what good is it going to do.

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