LONDON -- Britain s Prince William is sharing his experience as a new father. The prince and his son George are future kings. But the dad is still a new dad.

Just another young family sending out pictures of the new kid one without the dog, and one with.

When this family or more specifically, the young royals sends out happy snaps, they end up in the papers and on TV.

Ever since William left the hospital carrying his newborn son in a car seat, this couple has tried to convey the impression that young George is a different kind of royal prince and this is a different kind of royal family one where dad drives home.

William even said so in an interview released Monday.

We ve all grown up differently to our other generations, he said. I very much feel if I want to do it myself, I want to do it myself. Driving your son and wife away from hospital was really important to me.

Compare that with archival pictures of William s grandmother, the Queen, released as part of a new royal baby book all buttoned-up formality.

But unbuttoned royals William and Kate are changed by becoming parents.

I think the last few weeks have been just a very different, emotional experience, William said. Something I never thought I would feel myself. A lot of things affect me differently now.

The young royals can try to behave like any other young family in the park, but of course, they re not. William insists he is normal in another way, though he says he can t wait to get back to work, so he can get some sleep.

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