HELOTES, Texas -- A year old horse, Jessie's Girl, suffered major injuries after what Helotes police say had all the markings of a mountain lion attack.

On its leg it had a chunk of meat missing and on its leg and face had some scratches, said Helotes police officer Eliot Rodriguez.

The injuries left the 700 pound horse requiring a five day stay at The Retama Equine Hospital. The attack has some longtime residents shocked.

I've never heard of it the whole time I've been here, said one local resident.

Others said an incident like this, in a rural area, was bound to happen eventually.

For around here what would you expect? We have the Government Canyon up there. It's bound to be loaded with wildlife, said another local resident.

Officer Rodriguez said no matter how you feelyou could expect it tohappenagain if drought conditions continue to get worse.

Water is scarce. An animal can only do without food for a while, but it needs water and it'll hunt it down to try and get it, said Rodriguez.

To make sure her horses and children are safe the owner of Jessie's Girl said she plans on installing floodlights. She also isn't letting her kids go to the barn by themselves at night.

Rodriguez said other precautions might also be necessary.

It is illegal to discharge firearms within city limits. The exceptions are to protect yourself, protect your family and protect your property, said Rodriguez..

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