HOUSTON An Austin company is raising money to develop a gadget that may have you feeling like you live with the Jetsons.

WigWag uses sensors to control everything in your home, based on rules you specify.

Everything from your air conditioning, to lighting, the sprinkler system, and the coffee maker can be controlled by WigWag -- if you set up enough sensors.

There are thousands of possibilities, and not all of them are about convenience. In one example, WigWag s makers say you could set it up to monitor your pool. If a child gets nearby, you'll receive an alert on your Android or Apple smartphone. If you leave your house, the system can double check your lights and A/C to make sure you re not wasting electricity. If you're not home and your landline rings, you can set it to send you an alert on your mobile phone.

You re only limited by the number of sensors you purchase. It s suggested a good automation setup will require at least five to ten sensors per home, but you could just automate a couple of areas with fewer.

The company is currently (and successfully) raising money via preorders on You can spend as little as $120 or as much as $600+. It just depends on how much automation you want to purchase.

WigWag isn t the first automation system out there, but this one is very slick. Its makers say it s easy to program and set rules via your computer or smarpthone, making it less complicated than other setups.

WigWag should start shipping out to customers in November.

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