SAN ANTONIO -- An accidental phone call is the apparent reason San Antonio police discovered five children left alone in a northwest-side motel room.

Police said their mother left the children there for more than an hour to go to the grocery store.

Now she's facing criminal charges.

The oldest of the children was just five years old, and the youngest was an infant.

Officers said they believe the children were playing with the phone and accidentally dialed 9-1-1. They received a call for the 9400 block of Wurzbach.

Police said they waited there for more than an hour for an adult.

That's when the children's mother returned from a local grocery store.

In addition to criminal charges, the woman could face trouble with Child Protective Services.

Officers said the woman's sister was with her. She, however, took her two kids with her to the store.

Police had to load the children into a van until CPS decides where the kids will be placed.

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